Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cousin Ila

We had a nice visit with cousin Ila, uncle joel and aunt bessie this past weekend. The boys were very excited about meeting Ila. Elliot loves family. He was just beside himself with glee. He revealed how embarrased he was that he didn't hold their wedding rings the right way when he was the ring bearer in their wedding ceremony.

Asher was surprisingly gentle with Ila, patting her head (typical 2 year old expression of love - everyone loves a pat on the head right?) and giving her a peck on the cheek. One highlight: Elliot warmly told Bessie how much Ila looked like her and then noted how Ila had "tarantula hair."

Elliot's message to Ila: "I love you. You're one of my favorite cousins ever. Maybe someday she can stay with us in our house without uncle joel and aunt bessie and we can have fun all day long. Maybe she can go to the super bowl with us."

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