Monday, July 10, 2006

prunes + pretzels

I'm sitting on a bed with three boys: 7, 5 + 2. How did I get myself involved with this alien group of humans? Any gutteral noises are completely hilarious. The louder the better. Aaaaweeek! raummppppche! screeegt!! Toilet humor is as appealing to the 7 year old as it is to the 2 year old. It never dies. mom can you pause the tv while I go to the bathroom? gales of laughter.

I gave the boys prunes and peanut butter pretzels for snack. I should have known this choice would leave me completely open to ridicule. That's poo poo butt and poop to you. Keep the potty talk in the toilet. What am I missing????

Elliot has an idea for his dad's birthday present. I'm going to give dad a gorilla suit for his birthday. He's 100% man. | |

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Neil said...

Sorry to tell you, but men never get over the appeal of toilet humor.