Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treating - It's Halloween

Hurray, it's Halloween! It was dark and 30 degrees outside, but we had a blast walking around with Grandpa and Grandma and asking our neighbors for candy. Elliot spent his 5th day in a row in his skeleton costume (no mask and no coat of course) and Asher went as a dog (although some people called him a bear).

Asher still wasn't clear on the concept of Halloween. He was thrilled by the prospect of owning so many lollipops but couldn't bear to part with the candy, "No, it's mine," he said when I asked him if he wanted to put his candy in his pumpkin bag. So he walked around gripping mounds of loose candy in his hands. He also felt compelled to dart inside any house that opened their doors to us; I had to fish him out of a few houses before he got the hang of it.

We visited the elaborate "house of horrors" but didn't go inside (too spooky). Everyone went to bed on time. We were all tired. We'll deal with the candy tomorrow.

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Bessie said...

I can understand not wanting to wear a coat with your costume (though not going maskless). When I was a kid, my mom would make me wear a coat over my costumes (memorably a kitty costume that was just a leotard and tights with a mask and tail.) Then I thought it was a huge disgrace to the costume; now, I'd think it was kinda cute to see a cat in a coat. The thing that really gets me, is how he went 5 days in a row in the costume. Hallelujah for moms (and dads) who let the Halloween spirit roam free.