Friday, May 28, 2010

Asher's Summer Ideas

  1. Feed some ducks
  2. Finish the skeleton puzzle and the glow in the dark stegasaurus puzzle
  3. Make a strawberry bush
  4. I want to eat a smore and go camping and listen to this american life
  5. We need to buy a tent and some sticks
  6. Pick some raspberries from our raspberry bush
  7. Plant an apple tree, instead of buying apples we could pick an apple from our tree
  8. Take a boat ride at greenlake where we get off is right near peets because I was hoping you wanted a coffee
  9. Eat some doughnuts and crackers and lime popsicles

1 comment:

judy said...

Asher, you have great ideas!! I hope I can join you in some of these wonderful activities.
Love, Grandma