Saturday, December 09, 2006

family stranded in snow

I've been following the story of the kim family stranded in the oregon mountains since Thanksgiving. They seemed so similar to my young family: tech industry, west coast connections -- sf, portland, seattle -- two kids under age 5, we're both 35 years old. It could have happened to us. When we were in sf this summer we evn visited the apothecary store they owned. I can't imagine what I would do or feel after being stranded for 9 or 10 days. Having 2 kids relying on you for support and sanity makes it easier to ground yourself, but it must take a resilient spirit to survive that ordeal. Kati nursed both kids throughout, providing comfort and nutrition. Snow water and baby food. I immediately thought he shouldn't have left them when he was found dead. But he had spent a whole week, waiting. Burned tires. No way out. A family is now grieving for their young father and husband.

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Bessie said...

Oh, marika, I hear you about this story. I have thought of them every day since they were missing. I laid in bed and imagined so many aspects of their struggle, the mother's and the father's, from wondering how they slept in the car to what it must feel like to have your feet feel like blocks of ice. or what will life be like for these little girls, with a tragedy such as this marking their early days. and then i try to imagine all their pain disappearing. why does a story like this touch us so?