Monday, April 09, 2007

Montessori Birthday Circle

Elliot had his birthday circle at school last week.
In the Montessori tradition, the birthday child carries a globe around the circle for each year of their life representing the path of earth around sun during each year of the child's age. This Montessori ritual helps the child understand their birthday is more than just birthday cake and presents.

At the end of each trip around the sun, I talked about Elliot's achievements in that particular year. I didn't know I had to bring pictures for each year, oops.

Year One: Learned to crawl, laugh and sing.
Year Two: Learned to talk, visited Disneyland, visited Hawaii, played music.
Year Three: Learned to ride a bike. Dressed and toileted by himself. Big brother.
Year Four: Mastered the balance beam. Wrote a play that was produced by the school.
Year Five: Learned to swim by himself. Started kindergarten.
Goals for Year Six: "Be nice to my family. Ride a bike without training wheels. Learn to read."

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