Thursday, May 11, 2006

bagua. feng shui. remodeling saga.

So the absolute worst case scenario has happened. Our contractor walked out on us. He's near bankruptcy and has pulled off the job. He owes us an estimated 25k. We have an attorney, but it's not likely that we'll see any of that money. Boarded door, boarded windows. The junk on our desk. The clutter everywhere. We haven't been paying attention. No wonder our house is in crisis. I've decided to get serious about feng shui to help address some of our house issues. First off -- cleaning, clearing out, and organizing our stuff.

Bathroom - health + wellness - yellow
So our bathroom is the center of our home on the bagua. The health and wellness center. This position is so negative that some books recommend remodelling or never using this bathroom. The theory is that your health will go down the drain. Remedies: keep the door closed and the toilet seat down. Hang a curtain to hide the toilet. Run a fountain. Plants. Drains should be closed when not in use. Place a convex mirror outside the bathroom. Chartreusse paint.

Bedroom - wealth + prosperity - purple
This is where we need the most urgent help. Our bedroom is in an ideal spot for wealth and prosperity. Remedies: Use red and gold accents. Place our bed under the tall window so that we can see the door, but it's not at our feet. Always use pairs in a bedroom. 2 pillows side by side, 2 nightstands, 2 lamps, a pair of birds, paintings and photographs of 2 people instead of 1 or 3, candle sticks in pairs. Jade plant and lucky bamboo. A red ceramic fish. A fountain to generate prosperous activity. The snuff bottle with red fish. Gold pillows. Purple silk comforter. fish painting. Celadon paint.

Entry - career + life path- black
The entry is one our most cluttered spots. No wonder I have career issues. The entry should be clean, organized and inviting. It's in a good position. Our stairs do empty out through the front door. However the energy is delayed because the stair are set back and we can place a large piece of furniture, a crystal and a plant to move the energy. Remedies: New black entry table, frog fountain, silk orchid in a black vase, favorite inspirational painting or photograph, large mirror (not opposite the door), bench, large plant, hooks for coats, drawer for shoes. Other colors are blue and white. Light blue paint.

Office - skills + knowledge - blue
Our office is a great place for the skills and knowledge / wisdom center. Remedies: Place the desk in front the window facing the street. paint desk black. green couch. bookshelves and books. Candles, the buddha. red and gold accents. Other good colors are black and green. Light blue paint.

Living Room - helpful people + travel - silver + grey
Also in a good position, our living room should attract people who can help us. Finding the right people at the right time. People who will treat us fairly. Getting in sync. Remedies: silver box with a prayer of thanks inside it. photos of loved ones. Angel statue. Grey velvet sofa. grey curtains, metal lamps. sofa against the wall. rounded coffee table. 2 chairs. Other colors black and white. Grey / taupe paint.

Dining Room - children + creativity - white
In a good area for creativity. The table should be round or oval. A center for art projects and family. Creativity and limitless possibilities. Photos of children in metal frames. Favorite art. Art supplies. Rug under table. Large mirror. Large ficus or other standing plant. Celadon paint.

Kitchen - love + relationships - pink / red / white
Improving relationships with friends and family. Rose incense. Wind chime above stove. Large mirror. Keep tea kettle off the stove when not in use. Don't place the stove and sink directly across from each other.

Media Room - fame + reputation - red
Improving reputation. Being taken seriously. Remedies: Wood, red and green accents. Red tv cabinet. Wood bench. Grey sofa. Celedon paint.

Office / Hallway / Walk-in Closet - family - green
Photos of family in wooden frames. Grey taupe paint. Mirror.

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