Saturday, May 13, 2006

Red Man. Size Issues.

Asher woke up at 6:45, not bad. He was in a great mood. He saw Dan's glasses on the dresser and ran to give them to him (he was sleeping with elliot) but I closed the door. He started crying for Daddy. Dan and I switched places. One on one parenting seems to be all we're capable of these days.

The Red Man. Size Issues.
Elliot and I cuddled for a while. He said asher wants dad because he didn't get to sleep with him. Elliot put on asher's 2T jacket from the Gap that he's obsessed with and cried for a while when I told him it didn't fit him. The sleeves are up to his elbows. So I got the laptop and we checked out the gap online. They have the same jacket in a 5T, he said he wants it, but he wants to also wear asher's. it fits me. he begged for red water shoes we saw online. RED IS MY COLOR. I LOVE RED. I pulled out his size 13 red water shoes from the dresser and he said they're too big, I can't wear them. (they're slightly too big.) he decided to get dressed -- red shorts, red robot t-shirt, the size 10 water shoes (he can barely get them on his feet).

Asher comes in and says "Cake." A piece of bran muffin on the floor? no... at asher's feet there is a big lump of poop. His diaper has not done the job. It's on his leg, through his pants. poor guy. poor mommy.

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