Friday, May 05, 2006

The Elliot Report

elliot's perfect day: I would play as long as I want to and buy as many toys as I want and eat candy all the time. I wish I was in candyland.

if I could change the world: we would live in candyland. everywhere toys would be made out of candy, walls of the house would be made out of candy even garages. Even our wallets. In candyland it never rains. the sun contracts and it shoots rays into the land.

favorite place: los angeles california because it's warm

favorite candy: skittles

best friends: jack, liam,

favorite music / songs: the beatles, yellow submarine, octopus garden

if I were an animal: I would be a cheetah because I like to run fast

if I were a superhero: I would be flash, the red guy with lightening

when I grow up:

favorite shirt: the spider man shirt with webs on the side

favorite toy: the red and white airplane

favorite shoes: black sandals

favorite book: sylvester and the magic pebble

favorite game:
these guys are cool. they live in an airplane. this is where their food is. he gets to eat food in here. these guys never eat food but they don't die.

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