Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bedtime + God

Elliot has been asking about God lately. "Did God create the earth?" "How was the earth created?" "Is God a person?" "What is God?" "Do Gods die?" I automatically wondered if our heavy into jesus neighbors inspired this latest rumination. What books were they reading in school? Could this be related to the passover seder? Did he overhear an anti-evolution theorist? intelligent design? he hasn't been to the unitarian since october.

The last time he asked about how god created the earth, I told him about how there was a big cosmic explosion in space and bits of life were created on earth. Remember the magic school bus book inside the earth? remember the magic school bus book on dinosaurs? the earth started with small animals and then they got bigger and changed. Evolution, people developed from apes. not exactly what he was asking. I need to work on this.

Tonight I told him that god didn't create the earth. (I still need to work on this.) I just didn't want him to think god was an all seeing all knowing man who created the earth. I told elliot that god isn't a person. it's a feeling, a spirit you can't touch or see. I told him he has god in his soul, in his heart. God is love. it's the love that his dad and I have for him and asher. it's good things, beautiful things, nature. We talked about egyptian and greek gods. other religions and their gods. I should buy him a book on spirtuality.

Tonight Asher asked to go to sleep in our bed instead of in his crib, "Bed. Sleep in bed." What have we done??? Danny let him sleep there.

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