Friday, April 14, 2006

my purse was stolen

Thursday morning we dropped off lisa's car at the detailing shop. I got gas, placed my credit card (usaa) in my coat pocket. drove home. we went inside to talk to mitch. I left my purse in the car. I planned on leaving soon. after ten minutes I went into the car and grabbed a spec sheet for some cork I liked. we talked to mitch for ten more minutes. asher was thrashing, he didn't want to be held. danny chased him in and out of the house.

ANYWAY - during the time we were both in the house, my purse was stolen. the car was unlocked. we didn't hear the door close. we didn't see anyone on the sidewalk. I thought I must have left it in the house. maybe I left it at the gas station. the ipod, my credit cards, orange datebook.

later that night, rhonda called to tell me that a man named Tom called her because her name was in an orange day planner he found in an alley in the u district. my wallet was apparently torn in half. nothing else was around. he thought it was trash. I had cancelled my credit cards earlier in the day. I made a police report at 11pm that night. we won't be responsible for any credit fraud or identity theft that may be perpetrated after the fact as long as I have the case number.

we drove to pick up my calendar. tom had us come into his kitchen. he told me more about where he found it. behind the UW drama building off the ave at 39th. in an alley. we drove to the alley, it was raining and trash day. there was nothing in the alley. I called danny a freak because he didn't understand why I wanted to scour the corners of the lot. he thought I was crazy.

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