Saturday, April 01, 2006

April 5th - Day of Consequence

Those born on April 5 have the ability to succeed in life and the tenacity to hang in there. Possessed of star quality, they present a composed and self-confident image without appearing overly egotistical. In like manner, they themselves are often teaken up with the appearnace of things rather than examining them deeply. Most often they pursue one profession, one set of principles, one stream of thought right through life. April 5 people seek appreciation, as those with star quality do, but survive without it, persisting in endeavors whether others are paying heed or not. No matter what is going on around them, they can bring tremendeous powers of concentration to bear on the matter at hand.

It is hard to imagine calling people with this kind of star quality modest, but in fact April 5 people are. They are most comfortable playing the part of an unassuming, regular guy or girl. Of course, for those born on this day who are exceptionally gifted, this is consumate play-acting. Yet April 5 people do not react well to being analyzed, probed or found out. As far as they are concerened the part they are playing is what they truly are - they do not want anyone to dig any deeper.

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