Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Dark of the Scary Night - Addendum

There was a wizard that was rich and he had gold and then a robot came to town. The robot got the wizard because the wizard was bad. The wizard was stealing the gold from Aikendrum and his family.

The wizard's name was Meatball. Meatball is a boy who is 20 years old. He stole gold from Aikendrum because he wanted to be rich. He will use the gold to buy gold, gold and money. He will spend the gold on everything.

He SNUCK up and he GOT the gold and he STOLE it. Then, he got really fast and he put it all in a big bowl and he had it. He got this gold a couple of years ago.

This happened before Litterhead. Meatball fought Aikendrum with a monster. It had TWO GIANT CLAWS and a big, ugly face. The monster's name was Randall. He was Meatball's pet. Randall wanted the whole world to be HIS, so he was fighting. Then, the monster got the kids but fell down. He fell off a ledge and deep into the sea. Randall just floated away to an island with just junk. The island was called A-Small-Island-With-Junk-On-It.

Randall saw a pirate sitting there. The pirate sliced Randall up with his knife. Then, a dragon came and fought with Yakami. The pirate sailed away. Some taped Randall back together, and he ran and he swam fast and he got back to where his place was. Meatball felt happy.

Elliot Bremson

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