Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Dark of the Scary Night - The Opening Night Performance

Elliot was very excited, shy and hammy at once. The first play, "The Evil Quincidis" was written by Perri Lancaster, age 4. Elliot subbed for a child who was stuck on the ballard bridge. Wearing a green cape, he streaked across the stage, slid on the floor and made silly faces. The evil quincidis was faith frederick, wearing a princess gown and a paper crown. She was evil and then turned into a good princess by the hero.

Elliot's play, "The Dark of the Scary Night" had little dialogue. It was much longer than the other plays and had many characters. Alicia was the "teacher-prompter" feeding the kids lines, but only a few of the kids said their lines. Elliot was "Aikendrum, our hero" and Ben Walker was "Captain Birdspeed." Many events transpired. I cannot give a plot synopsis, I'll have to wait for the transcript and recording. Asher was screaming and danny left with him. Elliot was embarrased when the spotlight was on him, he made silly faces, said, "aaaaghhh" and then ran off the stage. Jackson Lancaster ran after Elliot. They chased each other through the audience. The play ended.

I noticed that the plays all had monsters, evil things, polar opposites. Conquering their fears. Bolstering their egos, showing strength. Discerning what's right from wrong. Consequences. Testing out theories of the world. Money was a big theme.

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