Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Dark of the Scary Night - A Fairy Tale

Protagonist: Someone who fights sea monsters. He is a hero of the sea. He drives race boats and cars and planes. His name is Aikendrum.

: A person who pays bad taxes and throws bombs. A boy... no a man. About 300 years old. His name is Litterhead.

: An island called The Land of Japan. A city.

Originally performed with the following cast:
(in order of appearance)
Freddie the Dog - Jackson Lancaster
Litterhead - Perri Lancaster
Little Captured Boy - Sean McCarthy
Aikendrum - Elliot Bremson
Land of Japan Police Department - Kyle Petrie
Captain Birdspeed, who lives in the control tower - Ben Walker
Little Captured Boy's Worried Mommy - Faith Frederick

Once upon a time, there was a dog who lived in a very happy house. His name was Freddie. He liked to chew bones and play fetch. He belonged to a super villain named Litterhead.

Litterhead's house is a workshop. He takes little boys and puts them on the shelves, and then he puts them into a big pot of stew to eat them up for dinner. He does that because he doesn't have anything else to eat at home! In his workshop he builds the Great Wall of China, and if someone comes into his workshop, they'll be cut up with knives. Sometimes, he wanted to be good, but he just kept being bad ALL THE TIME! He wanted to make people happy, but he thought they wouldn't be happy if their children died. He was confused.

Aikendrum lived in a big gigantic superfast jet plane. He fights crime ALL DAY. He fights it with laser beams. First, the laser beams get close and the bad guys run away. Then, the laser turns into a crystal, and the bad guy is stuck. The police come and take the bad guy and wrap a bunch of metal around him, and they take him to a place called, Bad Guy Land, where he could be where his family was, but never came back again. Aikendrum ALWAYS wins races. He likes helping people. He's the good guy.

One day Captain Birdspeed (who lives in the control tower) came to Aikendrum's door, and left a message on his voicemail. The message said, "Please put 100 laser beams on Litterhead! He is eating more children and soon the city will be gone!"

Aikendrum sneaked up to Litterhead's workshop. He saw that Litterhead was going to eat more children! Aikendrum shot laser beams at the workshop, and it was frozen into a crystal. Even Litterhead was frozen! The little boys were okay - they jumped out the window. They said, "Thank you! I would be gobbled up by the big giant bad guy! Thank you!" Then they all loved Aikendrum. The little boys' mommies said, "Thank You!" and gave Aikendrum a whole bunch of hugs. Freddie was also ok. He went to live on Aikendrum's plane. He liked it. He barked at crime to scare it away.

Litterhead stayed frozen in his workshop for about 100 weeks. When he came out, the police took off his mask and saw he was just a regular person pretending to be a bad guy. He went to jail for about 107 weeks. Then he came out and he was STILL mean, so the police put him in a zoo car and took him to the animal place. He never got free again.

The End
(That's the whole story)
by Elliot Bremson

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