Sunday, March 12, 2006

Indigo Theory

In late January, Dan and I were watching Walk the Line at the Neptune theater. A fire alarm went off and we evacuated the theater. There were 200 people spilling onto the street and sidewalk in the rain. Theaters aren't this packed on a Sunday night, it was a strange scene. We found out that most of the people there were waiting to see Indigo Evolution. A new age movie about a new supernaturally gifted children that are the next wave of evolution.

Born with a feeling of royalty, indigos will not respond to authority or any form of discipline based in guilt, fear or manipulation. Most cannot function in traditional school systems, not because they have ADD but because they are smarter than their teachers. Eventually indigos will redeem the world, making it a tropical Eden free of trash, war and processed foods. But if somehow blocked from their purpose, indigos may turn dark, killing their parents, classmates or anyone else who stands in their way.

"These young children--every one of them I've seen thus far who kill their schoolmates or parents--have been indigos," Nancy Ann Tappe, the woman who first recognized the phenomenon, said in the book.

From the Dallas Observer 3/9/06

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