Saturday, March 25, 2006

elliot quotes

when given the choice between watching fiddler on the roof or sponge bob, elliot chooses fiddler on the roof.

today elliot got dressed all by himself. he chose his rock start someday shirt and jeans. then put on a backward nascar baseball hat and sunglasses. he had a carefully crafted look.

Elliot's Alter Egos:
Ed Bupkin.
Elliot Wormslyde.

"I don't like hot dogs, they make my heart break apart and set it on fire"
march 2006

what would you say to martin luther king if he showed up at our school?
"what the heck, I thought you were dead."
january 2006

"I'm going to be 5 in april. the more I talk about it the longer it takes"
january 2006

Elliot to grandma judy:
"As a general rule, it's better not to tip toe in your slippers."
October 2005

When geoffrey giraffe asked elliot if he wanted a cup cake they were giving out free at toys are us, he said, "No thank you. I've already had enough sugar today."
September 2005

When elliot asked danny if he would move over while we were sitting on the couch, danny said "what are you going to do for me?" Elliot said,
"I'll keep your name alive after you leave this earth."
december 2005

in the hot tub in hawaii:
man "We're from Walla-Walla"
woman "We live in west seattle"
woman #2 "We're from Vancouver"
elliot "I'm from candyland"
december 2005

"I know what I'm going to get you for mother's day. I'm going to get you an adult dvd."
may 2005

it's not art deco it's dirty.

no we're leaving, come on kids.

mommy I need sunglasses my eyes are cold.

Bye see you next hannukah. Those uncles are much cooler than I thought it would be.

just say I'm sorry, it makes her feel better. try it. I do it.

It's winky. (elliot language)

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