Saturday, April 15, 2006

Elliot's Astronomy Birthday

Everyone we invited showed up at the pacific science center last sunday. So this was a crazy, crazy full house of 4 and 5 year old energy all crammed into one small room. On the agenda was coloring rockets and then blasting them off powered by alkaseltzer and making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. And cake and presents of course.

The teacher was a bit green. She threatened the kids a few times, "We're not having ice cream unless you can sit down" as if this were school. The kids were wild, running around the hall. I wanted to keep them coralled in the room, but the door kept opening. They colored their rockets and then shot off the rockets in the courtyard. One by one. It look a bit longer than expected. Not a great activity for 20 kids. We had to ask them to sit down so they wouldn't get hit over and over again.

We got through rocket episode and then the teacher made blue ice cream with liquid nitrogen. A dramatic cloud of vapor escaped and rolled onto the floor. The kids were impressed. The ice cream was good. I had forgotten about the cake... oops. I put the candles in and we all sang happy birthday. I felt completely barbaric as I pushed off pieces of cake onto the kids' plates. Elliot had a ball. All of the kids from school chasing each other around. The same silly jokes. Very familiar.

We opened presents next, I really didn't want to. I wanted the kids to go into the science center. But Lisa and Teresa pushed me into it. Elliot was polite. He refused to try on the amazing cape that lisa nobis made for him, a blue cape with a big letter E in yellow. He put on the red motorcycle robot shirt that will langley gave him immediately.

Elliot got so many presents it was ridiculous. I stashed most of the toys in the closet. It's just too cramped in this house. He loves the fishing game and the legos. The bug catching box is also a favorite.

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