Tuesday, August 08, 2006

super hero camp report

Elliot has been at super hero camp this week. I asked him for a report on what they've been doing. "Not that much. We dress up in costumes and battle bad guys. Then we go on a walk and have a snack."

What super hero are you? "A power ranger. No that's not true. You can't get to be the same guy in a movie or tv. It has to be a different name." So what is your super hero name? "Bunny Man. He has laser eyes. He can blow up stuff from far away."

I miss my boys.


Neil said...

I'm assuming the bunny ears are some super antennae or fire thrower.

Bessie said...

hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Bunny Man!!? That Elliot! A carrot for his next birthday, then!