Friday, August 25, 2006

What do you know about pirates?

What is a Pirate?: A Preschool Transcript

Teacher: what do you know about pirates?

Theaux: They have spotting scopes

Cedric: They kill people

Reilly: They have really sharp swords

Elliot: If you go to the movie theatre, they have a movie coming out called Pirates of the Carribean. It was good.

Reilly: They have really green teeth!

Theaux:Well you know what pirates do? They fight...about gold.

Cedric: Yeah, about how much gold they should have!

Elliot: They fight about who gets the treasure. They all have good reasons for it.

Reilly: Treasure planet is a movie about pirates. They look like somebody.

Theaux: They have hats. Black hats.

Cedric: I saw the Little Rascals. They ship had kids riding on it.

Reilly: They look like skeletons.

Elliot: The hats have skulls in the middle with bones crossed on them.

Theaux: They say ARGH! And you know what they say it just for fun? I have to whisper it to you. They say Argh Booty. Booty means gold.

Elliot: They dig for treasure a LOT! They dig for it under the ground.

Theaux: You know what pirates love more more more than anything? Shiny stuff.

Reilly: Gold is made of yellow.

Elliot: They have stripes of gold on their treasure chests. But it's pretty sad that pirates don't live anymore.

Theaux: They wear eye patches to scare people.

Reyhan: Well they're really bad because pirates are bad as they can be. Pirates have hats and swords like stuff and that means they have a pirate ship. They have patches on their eyes...because they are pirates.

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Fuck You Google said...

I know nothing about pirates, but that was great!