Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Welcome to Kindergarten

We received our packet of kindergarten papers today. It's here! In two weeks Elliot starts school at Bagley Elementary. He will have Ms. Toner for his teacher. Ms Toner is in her 20s, and herself attended Montessori schools all her life. Her classroom was very tidy and bright in contrast to the other teacher who had a lights out, socks only, more lived in, groovy sort of room. I've heard really good things about Ms. Toner. We're invited to a meet and greet next Wednesday with Ms. Toner. Elliot will be in the same kindergarten as Maxine whom he has known since he was 4 months old.

Public School Documents
I had to sign many official documents. Internet use notification, the notification of rights under the family educational rights and privacy act, health registration form, disabilities declaration form, family registry form, the pesticide notification form, and the code of conduct.

The Code:

  1. I will listen and cooperate with the adult who is speaking to me
  2. I will follow directions the first time
  3. I will be responsible and show respect for myself, others and property with my language and behavior
  4. I will wait quietly in line and walk in the building
  5. I will give all things my best effort
I love it. It does seem a little cold though. Maybe put "I will give all things my best effort" first. We've been working with Elliot on dinner table ettiquette, the rules fit right in with the Code:
  1. I will have a calm body and quiet voice
  2. I will sit with my bottom on my chair and my feet in front of me
  3. I will stay seated until I'm excused from the table
We'll work on dinner table conversation later. My baby is growing up. We're going school supply shopping soon (so exciting!). Peachy folders! Pink Pearl erasers! Crayola! I know, I know. I won't think school supplies are so cute once I'm spending 3 hours every night helping him do homework (hopefully that won't be the case though).

Three glue sticks
Two boxes of Kleenex
Two rolls of permanent double back tape
One box of Crayola Classic Markers
One box of Crayola Colored Pencils
One box of Crayola Crayons (24 hours)
One box of Pink Pearl erasers (two in packages)
One Peachy folder to be used to carry daily communication

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