Friday, September 01, 2006

The Alien Secret

Yesterday, Victor informed me that Elliot shared with him the "alien secret." What is this secret? Why didn't he tell me? Did he hear me talking about how I must be an alien because I can't seem to communicate well with anyone lately? Apparently, it is Elliot's theory that we all have an alien inside us. Danny said he's been talking about this a lot lately. We are all part alien. Hmm. Makes sense.

Maybe I've been reading him too many fairy tales. Last week Elliot said to me, "I hope you become poor and sick" after I threatened to throw away his toys if he didn't clean them up. I said you don't want that, you'll have no toys and you'll have to eat food off the sidewalk if that happens. No wonder he's so anxious, bad mommy.

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