Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Style: Back to School Clothes

I've been telling Elliot everything I remember about my first day of kindergarten lately. He's a little nervous (I suppose I am too). I told him about how I went shopping for clothes and I picked out a brown plaid dress (always in style) with a pair of brown mary janes for my first day. I took Elliot shopping the other day at the Gap. He has his own sense of style - the monochromatic look is a favorite, especially all red (I guess I was into monchromatic as well). I tried to steer him to jeans, a button up oxford shirts or the polo shirts, or the striped t-shirts. No, he wanted a football shirt that said, "Falcons Varsity" and a shirt that said, "Punk Band Dummer" or something like that. He also wanted long basketball shorts of course. Shiny red satin. Sigh. Who is this kid? I bought him the varsity shirt and convinced him to buy a pair of brown cargo shorts instead. We bought two pairs of shoes. Brown slip on vans style and super athletic shoes. After he wore the vans outside, he said they're too big. He won't wear them. Argh!

We hung out with a 4 year old boy on saturday who loves to wear striped, long sleeved turtleneck hannah anderson dresses. He owns several dresses like this. Apparently his style is driven by comfort and softness of fabric. He loves tights as well. He wears the dresses to school with pants, intesting that he was initially afraid of wearing dresses, he thought kids would laugh at him. But he's staying true to himself. He's ok with being different, he can be a boy and wear dresses. He'll grow up with courage in his convictions.


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