Sunday, September 10, 2006

Choosing a Pet - Squirrel Boy

Elliot has been begging us to buy him a pet for years now. Most of the time, I tell him when you're 7 or 8. Danny really wants a dog or a cat. I can't think of anything worse than caring for an animal. I would be the one to walk, clean and feed it. I am completely certain of that. I loved my cat Laika, but it was a big relief after she died. I am so not a dog person. I've considered getting a snake or a frog - reptiles seem ok. Definitely not a hamster or a gerbil, no rodents. I am just not up for some horrible death, disease, grotesque scents, cannibalism and whatever else happens with caged pets. We tried fish, but we killed it after a week. I can barely feed myself, why would I want to feed one more mouth? I told elliot I would research reptiles and other pets. Maybe a skink? We're weighing the pros and cons of pet types.

My Little Squirrel
Elliot is the VIP in his class in a few weeks, so I was quizzing him on his favorite things. Favorite song - creature from the black lagoon. Favorite food - sushi but no wasabi. Favorite animal - racoon, because I like things that climb. Elliot if you could be any animal, what would you be? I would be a big handsome squirrel with a fantastic hairdo. He is a weird kid.

I've ruled out birds, rodents and snakes. Reading about large populations of abandoned pets such as the red eared slider turtle makes me terribly sad. Caring for another life is serious, I obviously don't want the the responsibility right now. Cheap reptiles that parents abandon when the kids outgrow them are threatening local wetlands populations.


Psittacosis. Bite. Must clean cage daily.

Gerbil / Hamster
Easy to house and feed. Require little attention. Tend to bite. Tend to escape. Short lifespan.

Eat live food...

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Neil said...

No hamsters. They stink!