Monday, June 05, 2006

Boyville. Shoot Some Poops.

We had a relaxing weekend in boyville. Our neighbor val watched her sister's 3 boys on saturday, so the sidewalk was overflowing with 9 boys (cooper, my 2 boys, val's 3 boys, visiting boys) racing around throwing balls, riding bikes and digging in the dirt. We sat on the porch watching the controlled pandemonium. Jake reclined on the grass intently cutting up army soldiers with scissors. Elliot tried to lift up 50 pound rocks in his hunt for bugs. Asher tried to pedal his tricycle, but ended up crying in frustration every 2 minutes. Obviously I was meant to learn something about boys in this life.

Shoot Some Poops
On sunday E + A rode around the neighborhood and greenlake on their bikes. The weather was great. It rained once, but the rest of the day was sunny and hot. Later we drove to home depot to pick up a front door entry set. Asher was so tired he kept tripping over himself. He hit his head on the cement floor. On the way home Elliot asked if it was time to go to bed (it was 5:30). Danny said no... (I could have killed dan! Elliot was exhausted from the boyfest -- we should have put him to bed).

Elliot Quotes
I love this one. Elliot said, "Dad, when we get home can we shoot some poops?" Cooper gave us his old basketball hoop. Danny said, "what do you mean? Go to the toilet together?" " basketball." That made my day. danny and I laughed for 15 minutes.

As I was putting elliot to bed he asked me if people come back to life after they're dead. I said no. He said some people do. Like who I asked.... I figured this was inspired by jesus? he said, "John Stevens." Who's he? (ex supreme court justice? led zepplin drummer?) "A singer." Hmm. I've never heard of him. Who told you about him? "Asher." I tried not to laugh. Not coming from a particularly reliable source. "habby daiday to Asher"

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