Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day -- What is a dad anyway? A Preschool Transcript

Teacher: What IS a dad anyway?

Cannon: Well it's someone who's a parent and who takes care of you.

Jack: A father! It's a dad

Ronan: They work

Jack: You mean they GO to work

Will: They take care of their kids and they also take care of cats and dogs.

Ronan: They play with their kids

Reyhan: They play monster

Will: They're very helpful. Last night my dad was talking to me about being a good citizen. That means that you're not being bad.

Ben: They hug their kids. I love my dad. He's not dead yet.

Cannon: And dads also play tag!

Jack: Dads eat food.

Teacher: What's your favorite thing about your dad?

Elliot: I like when he tucks me in for night time. I like it when he goes swimming with me.

Cannon: I love my daddy. I love the music that he sings.

Reyhan: I like to play hide and seek with him.

Finn: He plays flying disc with me. They throw REALLY far!

Jack: I love playing Hot Wheels Accelleracers with him.

Ben: What I like doing with my dad is loving him.

Will: Once me and my dad went to the graveyard and we saw my dad's dad's gravestone. We put flowers there and my daddy cried a little bit. I love my dad and I said, "Stop crying!" and cried some more and then he stopped. He stopped crying because I love him.

Sean: I like to play tag with him and I like riding in his van with him.

Jade: I love playing race cars with tracks with him. Also, he earns money. I like that.

Arianna: I like to play ball with him. I love him!

Perri: I love to cuddle with him. And I like to play chase.

Max: He likes to play... well one of his favorite games is chess. He goes to work and he likes that, but sometimes he doesn't because he has to exercise and it's not much fun.

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