Thursday, June 08, 2006

Super Bird, Super Mouse + the Ogre

Once upon a time, there was a little bird named Serena and a little mouse named Soleil. They had nowhere to live and they had nothing to eat out of. They didn't even have a refrigerator. They were looking for a house, so they climbed up to the mon. There was a ramp that let them climb up so high. Then on the other side of the moon, they found a house! It was the moon! The moon had turned into a castle! But inside lived a big ugly giant named Abiyoyo who stole treasures. Whoever came into his house he would EAT UP! But the bird and mouse were SO SMALL, he didn't know where they were. They ran away. They jumped out the window. They found some of Abiyoyo's treasure in a trap hole. Serena the bird had lightening bolts in her mouth, and shot them at Abiyoyo. Abiyoyo turned into a giant light, and got trapped inside it, then turned small. Then Abiyoyo was trapped in the light for his life. He was as small as a dust mite. So Soleil and Serena lived in the castle together forever and ever. They found juiceboxes in the cabinet and candy in a big black bowl. They ate and drank every single day. They were happy. The End.

By Elliot and Friends

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