Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fish oil calms children better than Ritalin

I saw this headline on fish oil today and had to comment on it. We've been giving Elliot "Lemon Oil" since he has 2 at the suggestion of our friend who is an acupuncture / massage natural health practitioner. He actually doesn't mind it. We give him a teaspoon of Carlson's brand Norwegian lemon flavored cod liver oil before bed and reward him with a gummy vitamin. He never complains. I'm not sure though that it calms him. He's not a hyperactive kid. We think he might be ADD. He needs to work on his self soothing skills. Maybe he would be the tasmanian devil if he wasn't on it. He's been on and off during vacations etc and I haven't really noticed a difference. He's a good sleeper and he has healthy skin and hair? Fish oil, no?

ADD Cod Liver Oil Article From the London Daily Mail -- A daily dose of fish oil is better at treating hyperactivity than Ritalin - the 'chemical cosh' linked to the deaths of children, stunning research has revealed. Just six capsules a day of the naturally-occurring oil can vastly improve children's behaviour without any of the side-effects of Ritalin and related drugs.

Last year, a study by Durham Local Education Authority showed that omega 3 can improve the brainpower and concentration of hyperactive children.

The latest findings, from the University of Adelaide, are the first to show that omega 3 fish oil may be better than medication at treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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