Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cotton Deodorant - Trader Joe's Brand

I bought "Trader Joe's Unscented Deodorant with Cotton - paraben and aluminum free - skin conditioning for sensitive skin" a few weeks ago because TJs didn't have Tom's. "Trader Joe's Unscented Deodorant contains cotton fibers to help fight wetness by absorbing moisture..."
Cotton is listed in the ingredients as "gossypium herbaceum."

The first day I wore it, I didn't perspire. I liked thinking about the cotton absorbing my sweat naturally, this product is amazing! The magic of cotton. However, after wearing it for a week, I developed a sensitivity to it. My underarms ached and were itchy. I'm very sensitive to anti-perspirant. Too good to be true.

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Allie said...

Most deodorants make me smell worse than if I don't use any. Right now I'm using my husband's and it works well, except I smell rather manly (at least I don't stink).