Saturday, June 10, 2006

On Marriage - A preschool discussion transcript

A lot of you have been pretending to be married recently, and a lot of you have been asking questions about weddings. Does anybody have a question to ask today?

Ben: Can olego1.gifne girl marry two boys or can one boy marry two girls?

Elliot: Well, two boys can marry one girl.

Cannon: Well, that's not very fair.

Jade: Girls that marry the boys stay together forever, because they married each other.

Cannon: I think that's not very fair because someone's not marrying me.

Ben: I want to marry Jade but also Cannon and Elliot do so I bet three boys can marry her.

Rey: Well, people like grownups, they marry, or big kids, they marry. I know big kids they KIND of marry - buit I don't know about that.

Elliot: Some boys can marry boys too.

Ben: And some girls can marry a girl

Elliot: but in different cities and countries

Ben: Yeah. And towns.

Elliot: An animal can marry a different animal.

All: laugh

Elliot: Stop laughing everybody! Everybody. I know there's something funny in here, but please stop laughing. Stop laughing please. Attention!

Cannon: No that's not true. Animals don't have any hands.

Teacher: Why do they need hands to get married?

Cannon: They can't dance with no hands.

Teacher: How old do you think you should have to be before you can get married?

Ben: I bet you could have to be 17. Or 19 because that's a lot.

Rey: 18

Jade: 20

Cannon: 20. 18. 190.

Perri: Maybe 11?

Teacher: How can you tell that people are married?

Ronan: You know because they're going around in circles. They go around in circles because they are marriying.

Elliot: Yeah, I know what Ronan is saying.

Cannon: I would wear a dress if I got married.

Rey: If they were married the girl wears a dress and the boy wears...something else. He wears black pants and a black shirt.

Elliot: And a black tie too! A boy tie.

Elliot: Sometimes people get married on an airplane.

Perri: Sometimes people can marry on a boat.

Will: They should climb up to the moon.

Jade: My mommy and daddy got married on a boat. We have pictures.

Perri: They will be married at Chuck E Cheese

Finn: You could get married on a Blue Angel.

Will: Or in a church

Rey: Or a helicopter

Will: You can also drive in a very very long car.

Rey: Like a limo?

Ben: No like a LONG Hummer.

Jade: The prince has to be there.

Ronan: Your grandma and grandpa could be there. Even your cousins.

Elliot: I went to a wedding once and I got to be the ring bearer. There were some serious problems.

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