Friday, June 16, 2006

Danny's letter of thanks to Elliot's teachers

Dear Alicia and April, here is a small token of our appreciation. We can't say thanks enough. In the Victorian era, children were viewed as empty vessels. The role of teachers, in a sense, more so than parents, was to fill that vessel with knowledge and matters of comportment. Marika and I take a more Spockian approach to parenting and tend to think of children as already imbued with temperament, personality and ineffable individuality. Rather we think of Elliot (and also all kiddos) as a large bunch of grapes, who will one day become a fine wine. The role of life then, is to bring the sweetness out of them.

We feel Kidlinks, with your efforts did just that. We know that Elliot is ready for this new undertaking (kindergarten) because of your efforts, he is on his way to becoming a fairly decent bottle of Bourdeux.

As for the candle, wasn't it Jolie Holland who sang, "the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs." Thank you for understanding that from the getgo--and for all your efforts. The chocolate, needs no explanation. In 18 years, if you are still at Kidlinks, we will let you know the fair market price of our boy's bottle. Thanks again, Dan and Marika

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